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🎮🖊️ WWE 2K24: A Comprehensive Guide to MyGM Mode 📚🔥

MyGM (formerly known as GM Mode) has made its triumphant return in WWE 2K24. While it may have been a relatively simple mode in the previous game, the developers have added new features and made some changes, making it a bit more complex and exciting. Whether you’re a seasoned MyGM player or a newbie stepping into the ring for the first time, this guide is here to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to dominate the mode. So, grab your controller and let’s get started!

Setting Up MyGM 👥💼

Before you can start drafting superstars and booking epic shows, you’ll need to set up your MyGM save. Here’s what you need to know:

Pick A GM 🎩

Once you load up MyGM, you’ll be asked to pick a GM. Each GM comes with their own unique Power Card, which can give you an advantage in various ways. Here are the options:

  • Adam Pearce: Instigator (Increases the level of all current rivalries by 2)
  • Sonya Deville: Power Up (Makes all power cards in the store free and grants two copies for a week)
  • Stephanie McMahon: The McMahon Presence (Earn double the amount of money from arena attendance for the week)
  • Xavier Woods: Cheat Code (Allows you to steal a superstar from an opposing brand’s roster)
  • Tyler Breeze: Quick Recovery (Recovers 15 stamina for all your superstars)
  • Eric Bischoff: Backstage Booking (Double all show logistics bonuses for the week)
  • Mick Foley: Cactus Jacked (Injure two wrestlers from the opposing brand)
  • Ted DiBiase: Million Dollar Man (All matches are free to book for the week)
  • William Regal: Power Of The Punch (All superstars from an opposing brand lose five popularity points at the start of next week)
  • Paul Heyman: Special Council (All promos for the week are free, and their results are doubled)
  • Theodore Long: Just A Minute Playa’ (Remove all match bonuses from an opposing brand’s show, and set their match XP gain to very low for the week)
  • Custom Superstar: Legend Whisperer (Immediately increases a superstar’s level to 20)

Each power card brings something unique to the table, so pick the one that suits your playstyle and makes you feel like a real wrestling genius.

Pick A Brand 🏢💪

After selecting your GM, you’ll need to choose which brand you want to control. Each brand has its own Power Card, so choose wisely. Here are the options:

  • Smackdown: Birth of Legends (Six random superstars get a six-point boost to their popularity)
  • Raw: This Is War (Force an opposing brand to ban three of its superstars from competing for a week)
  • NXT: Fighting Champion (Title matches receive a large match rating boost)
  • NXT 2.0: Fresh Meat (Reduce the price of the next three superstars you purchase this week by 50%)
  • WCW: Classically Trained (Extend the duration of all your roster’s contracts by three weeks)
  • ECW: Extreme Rules (Block all opposing brands from using three of their champions in the next show)

Choose the brand that best matches your preferences and playstyle. Consider the brand’s Power Card and whether you want women’s titles available, as ECW lacks them.

Once you’ve chosen your brand, it’s time to select your opponents. You can choose up to three brands to compete against, whether controlled by the CPU or other humans. Keep in mind that more opponents mean a tougher challenge and more excitement.

Session Settings ⚙️🔧

Now it’s time to sort out your session settings. Here’s what each option entails:

  • AI Difficulty: Dictates how good the AI is at running their shows and brand.
  • Game Difficulty: Determines the number of matches on your show, budget reduction in later seasons, and how quickly bad morale will convince a superstar to leave.
  • Opening Budget: The amount of money you start with for the draft and setting up your shows.
  • Player Order: Choose the order in which players set up their show and do their business. Relevant when playing with other humans.
  • Shake Ups: Decide whether you want shake-ups after every Pay-Per-View Live Event (PLE), which can mix up your MyGM mode with Power Cards and stamina boosts.
  • Draft Pool: Choose between a default or custom draft pool. Custom allows you to decide who features in your MyGM mode.
  • Auto Draft: Turn on auto draft to have the game draft superstars for you.
  • Match Unlocks: Decide how many match types are available from the start. Default unlocks them over time, while the classic setting provides access to all match types from the beginning.


根据您的偏好和所需的挑战水平定制会话设置。别忘了在游戏中解锁更高级别以增强您的 MyGM 体验。

起用您的名单 📜✒️

设置好您的 MyGM 模式后,是时候选择您的名单了。以下是组建一支获胜团队的一些建议:

  • 选秀超过九名超级巨星:虽然所需的最低超级巨星数量是九名,但建议选择更多。这样可以增加变化,并让您的超级巨星有休息的机会。只需注意您的预算。
  • 人气:每个超级巨星都有一项人气评分,决定有多少粉丝想观看他们的比赛。首先选择几位人气高的超级巨星,以确保观众出席率高。
  • 级别:超级巨星的级别越高,粉丝就会越喜欢他们的比赛。考虑选择级别高的超级巨星,为您的表演增光添彩。
  • 粉丝喜爱者和破坏者:英雄对抗恶棍的比赛往往表现更好。选择一些受欢迎和破坏规则的人物,以保持观众的参与度。
  • 耐力:注意您的超级巨星的耐力。选择耐力高的表演者可以确保他们在需要休息之前持续时间更长。
  • 男性和女性的选秀:确保为您的表演选择男性和女性的超级巨星,以迎合各种观众。
  • 级别:考虑分配给超级巨星的不同级别。将正确的级别配对在一起的比赛通常能提供更好的体验。


预订表演 🎟️🎬


预订比赛 🥊👊


  • 选择比赛规则和类型,创建独特和激动人心的对决。
  • 根据他们的摔角风格和人气仔细选择参与者。
  • 决定是否是冠军赛,以增加额外的紧张感。
  • 通过允许干扰增加比赛的刺激性。
  • 选择会干扰的超级巨星,如果有的话,以进一步搅动格局。


  • 考虑戏剧性曲线:使第一场和最后一场比赛成为最精彩的,以保持紧张的流畅感。
  • 为了打造令人心跳的擂台体验,安排正确风格之间的对战。
  • 平衡危险比赛和耐力较低的表演者,以避免受伤。
  • 利用对抗比赛获得显著提升,但避免过度暴露以保持新鲜感。
  • 包含男性和女性的比赛,增加变化。

设置宣传活动 🎤📣


  • 自我宣传:根据表现,可能增加或减少摔角手的人气。
  • 挑战:一位摔角手挑战另一位,有可能增加或开启一场对抗。
  • 角色转变:让一名摔角手从受欢迎者转变为破坏规则者或反之亦然。
  • 广告:通过稍稍降低一名摔角手的人气风险,创造更多收入。
  • 慈善:增加粉丝数量,同时可能提升摔角手的人气。
  • 级别变更:允许您更改摔角手的级别,增加变化。
  • 训练:增加一名摔角手的擂台经验值,以提高比赛表现。
  • 标签团队挑战:一个标签团队挑战另一个,制造对抗和激动。


节目后勤 🏟️🎇


  • 选择合适的场馆,营造令人着迷的氛围。
  • 选择技术熟练的路演团队,提升您表演的制作价值。
  • 用令人惊艳的特效增添您的比赛乐趣。
  • 投资有效的广告,吸引更多观众。



赢得 MyGM 🏆🥇

MyGM 的终极目标是比对手拥有更多的粉丝和名人堂奖杯。获得十个名人堂奖杯即可宣告胜利。以下是确保您在摔角伟大中占据重要地位的方法:

  • 完成在 MyGM 主屏幕上找到的季度挑战。挑战可以从慈善推广到超级巨星收购。
  • 关注排行榜,并努力成为第一个达到名人堂里程碑的 GM。
  • 不断努力提高您的节目受欢迎程度,吸引更大的观众群。

通过专注于季度挑战并始终提供一流节目,您将确立自己作为 MyGM 无可争议的冠军!

其他需要考虑的事项和一般建议 💡🔑

以下是一些额外的提示和考虑事项,帮助您在 MyGM 中保持领先地位:

  • 逐渐发展敌对关系,将最终比赛留到付费直播活动(PLE),以获得最大影响。
  • 解决任何问题并实现对您重要的承诺,以保留您重视的人才。
  • 在管理阵容选项卡上检查人才搜寻部分,找到您阵容的新超级巨星。
  • 在 Power Card 选项卡中探索有用的 Power Card,可增强您的超级巨星和节目。
  • 利用 PLE 后的交易系统,获取新才能或谈判有利可图的交易。
  • 利用 MyGM 屏幕底部的 GM 助手功能,快速访问重要信息。

有了这些建议,您已准备好提升您的 MyGM 体验,成为终极摔角天才!

🌟🤼‍♀️ 请记住,通往摔角伟大的旅程在分享时更加愉快!挑战您的朋友进行 MyGM 战役,在社交媒体上分享您的胜利,并让全世界知道您统治虚拟摔角宇宙! 🌟🤼‍♂️💥


问:我能在 MyGM 存档中更改我的 GM 吗? 答:很遗憾,一旦您在 MyGM 存档开始时选择了一个 GM,您将无法更改。因此,请明智选择并拥抱您所选择的 GM 的独特能力和 Power Card。

问:如何解锁展示物流中的更高层? 答:要解锁展示物流中的更高层,您需要在 MyGM 进展中获取资产。通过完成挑战、达到特定里程碑,并通过提供高质量表演确保节目的成功,可以获得这些资产。

问:有关维护巨星士气和避免离开的任何提示吗? 答:要维护巨星士气并防止离开,重要的是解决您的超级巨星可能遇到的任何问题,并实现您所做的任何承诺。保持与您的阵容的开放沟通将有助于建立信任并创造积极的工作环境。

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